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The Strength of DOOH Advertising: Enhancing Customer Journey Across Different Touchpoints

The Strength of DOOH Advertising: Enhancing Customer Journey Across Different Touchpoints
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Digital Out-of-Home has been revolutionizing the advertising industry, offering a wide range of improvements for the buying journey and the overall success of marketing campaigns. Find out how DOOH touchpoints play a vital role in enhancing the customer journey.

In today's dynamic advertising landscape, reaching and engaging customers throughout their buying journey has become increasingly complex. As consumers are exposed to a multitude of digital screens and advertising messages, it becomes imperative to continuously seek for innovative ways to capture their attention and create meaningful brand experiences.

DOOH advertising has therefore emerged as a powerful tool within the digital marketing arsenal, as it combines the power of digital technology with the reach and impact of out-of-home displays, revolutionizing how brands communicate with their target audience.

At the heart of any successful DOOH campaign lies the customer journey, a process that spans multiple touchpoints and interactions. Understanding and optimizing them is essential in order to create a seamless and personalized customer experience. In this article, we will explore how digital touchpoints work across the different stages of the customer journey, and how they can effectively engage, inform, and influence consumer behavior. 

A journey into the customer journey

In order to create memorable DOOH campaigns and make a smart use of this evolving technology, it is important to understand the different stages of the customer journey, which is the process a person goes through from the moment they first become aware of a product or service, to the point where they make a purchase or take a desired action.

Throughout this journey, digital advertising plays a crucial role in reaching the customer at different touchpoints, with interactive campaigns that may include diverse channels like social media, retargeting ads, email campaigns - and of course, digital out-of-home advertising. Each of these represent an opportunity to strengthen the brand’s presence and draw consumers closer.

DOOH ads can be utilized during any stage of the customer journey to engage the target audience at different levels, making this a dealbreaker option to either raise awareness, provide compelling information, or even influence decision-making. Let’s explore the different stages of the buying journey and how DOOH advertising can maximize their effectiveness.


This is when potential customers become aware of a brand, product, or service for the first time, either through an ad, a friend’s recommendation, or any other marketing channels. DOOH advertising can play a significant role in creating brand awareness by leveraging high-traffic locations and eye-catching digital displays.

Through strategically placed DOOH ads, brands can introduce themselves faster and smarter, catching the attention of their target audience with dynamic and visually compelling content that leaves a lasting impression and makes consumers become interested.

For example, a brand that sells smart home appliances could promote their products for the winter season through DOOH billboards at busy urban areas, showcasing their best heating devices for those who pass by during a cold freezing day.


At this point, consumers may have become interested in a product, a service or even a brand, however they must be able to weigh in other options. As paying customers, they want to ensure they are making the right choice for themselves - they may take some time to read reviews, compare prices, and check out the pros and cons of different brands or products.

DOOH advertising can provide valuable information and influence decision-making during this stage. By displaying targeted messages and relevant content, DOOH ads can educate consumers about a brand's unique selling points, product features, or special promotions, strengthening their relevance and making them more competitive.

Integration with mobile devices through technologies like QR codes can allow customers to access additional information or engage with the brand directly, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. For example, an interactive display may offer consumers the chance to access a website, download a brochure or sign up to a newsletter, all actions that contribute to a positive consumer experience.


By this time, customers have gathered enough information and are ready to make a decision. They may make a purchase, sign up for a service, or take any other specific action that fully engages them with the brand.

DOOH advertising can act as a catalyst in driving conversions and influencing consumers’ decisions. Due to their customizable nature, DOOH ads have the potential to create a sense of urgency and a feeling of uniqueness that aims to drive customers to take immediate action, by displaying real-time offers or location-based deals.

Integration with geolocation and proximity technologies can further enhance the effectiveness of DOOH advertising by delivering personalized messages based on the customer's current location or previous interactions. For instance, the smart home appliances brand we mentioned earlier may display a limited-time discount on their most featured heating device at a shopping mall’s entrance, including a location-based map that indicates the store’s location within the mall.


After a successful purchase or interaction, satisfied customers may become advocates for the brand by leaving reviews, referring others or engaging through social media. DOOH advertising can help facilitate word-of-mouth marketing and contribute to creating and maintaining brand loyalty.

Brands can showcase real-life experiences and testimonials on DOOH displays, building trust and credibility among potential customers, and fostering a sense of community that amplifies their reach.

Maximize touchpoints’ efficiency with the right tools

Incorporating DOOH advertising at each stage of the customer journey is an excellent way to capture attention, provide relevant information and drive conversions. With its multiple resources, Beeyond brings the opportunity to create cohesive and immersive brand experiences, helping to leverage the best touchpoints that make up the customer journey for each specific brand.

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